The JFK Assassination – What They Told Me

Sunday, November 5 — 2:00PM

The JFK Assassination — What They Told Me.
A Talk with William Holiday
Dutton Gymnasium, Route 30, Townshend

In advance of the publication of his book on the JFK Assassination, William (Bill) Holiday will share what he has learned from eyewitnesses to various aspects of the assassination.

“It’s a complicated case, and this book makes no effort to solve it or suggest the mountain of theories as to who was involved or what motivation he/she/they might have had. The book is a collection of what eyewitnesses and researchers told me and my students.

Some in this book are researchers, some are doctors who tried to save President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, one is an ambulance driver, another a 17-year-old young in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd. Bill Holiday taught at BUHS for 28 years. He was a 14-time teacher of the year, a National Teacher of the year (1999) and was an adjunct teacher at Keene State College and Castleton State College.

Holiday said he hadn’t used a textbook in his classes since 1973. “He focused on bringing history to life for his students, helping them understand what it was like to go through certain events.” (Manchester Journal) November 22nd is the 60th anniversary of the JFK Assassination.